Conversation with Innovators: Webinar Recording

Global Health University offers free webinars with leading experts in global health and social entrepreneurship. 

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Are you applying for the GHIC Innovation Prize, or are you just interested in learning more about responsible innovation and program development?  Learn about innovative solutions and program development from the GHIC Innovation Prize judging panel.  For example, what advice do the judges offer about how best to present your pitch?  How do you ensure a realistic program plan?  What are effective tools for outcomes measurements, and how can early-stage ideas and ventures incorporate concrete and effective plans for outcomes?  What are pitfalls to avoid? Apply all of the judges' expertise and advice to your program development. 

Expert panelists:

Webinar Recording: This webinar occurred on January 25, 2016.  Please register below to receive a link to the recording of the 1-hour webinar.


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