Responsible Funding for Innovation and Impact Webinar

Global Health University offers free webinars with leading experts in global health and social entrepreneurship.

Learn from leading experts about responsible funding for innovation and impact. The webinar will include guidance and advice from five panelists, as well as ample opportunity to ask the speakers questions about funding.  Learn about the complexities of funding for innovation and lessons learned regarding different types of funding mechanisms, as well as ethical considerations.  This webinar is ideal for students and professionals interested in global health and social entrepreneurship.

Day and Time: Thursday, September 6, 4-5pm Eastern Time

Webinar Panelists:


RSVP Required: Attendance at the free webinar on September 6 requires advanced RSVP by noon ET on September 6.  Please submit this form to RSVP, and we will thereafter provide you with participation instructions by email.  Please be sure that you provide your correct email address so that you receive the participation instructions.